Charles like Matthew's work so much that he made the decision to produce his first design. This became the Morgan Aeromax, the first ever concept car to come out of the Morgan gates and the first coupe for over 30 years. The concept launched at the Geneva Auto show in 2005 and was so popular that the decision was made to produce 100 limited edition production vehicles. At this point, Matthew was asked to join Morgan as its Head of Design and established an in-house design studio - Morgan Design. Matthew was still only 21 at this point. 

After the success of the Aeromax, Matthew then designed the Morgan Life Car, the Plus 8, the Eva GT and the 3 Wheeler as well as the Aero Supersports and the Aero coupe. All of these designs were created in the small period of just severn years. Alongside designing cars, Matthew also put his design skills into Morgan's brand design, show stand design and associated marketing material and brochures. 

In addition to Morgan Design, Matthew has also worked on many freelance projects for the other car and bike manufactures, as well as becoming Head of Design for renowned watch manufacturer Lonville in 2011. 

After the Challenge of Morgan Design, Matthew is now looking forward to the future. His newly-established company Matthew Humphries Designis fuelled by Matthew's extensive experience and offers customers a bespoke design service. MHD specialises in automotive, brand and product design that exudes a strong British, hand-crafted and unique style. Matthew is also able to take a product from visual concept through to production. 

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