Watch Troubleshooting

We hope you find the following information about your MHD timepiece informative and that it will better assist you in the proper functioning of your watch.

You may experience that your self-winding watch occasionally stops overnight or appears to be running slowly. This does not necessarily indicate a malfunction or defect in the watch. In most cases, the problem is related to the power reserve that has not been properly initiated or, may be the result of too insufficient wrist action while wearing the watch. 

For a self-winding watch to function properly, the mainspring must build up a sufficient power reserve. Many people are unaware that a self-winding watch needs to be wound first manually before it will run automatically. This is called the initiation process. Without the initiation process, the watch will never operate properly or consistently. 

To initiate the power reserve, swing your MHD watch from side to side in a horizontal position for about 30 seconds, before setting the watch to the correct time. If the watch is worn on the wrist, the mainspring will wound automatically through normal wrist movement. 

After the completion of the initiation process, your MHD watch will wind itself automatically (rebuilding the power reserve) by means of an oscillation weight that shifts every time the watch's position is changed by the action of the arm and wrist. 

A self- winding watch should be worn at least eight hours a day to maximise the power reserve. If this is not possible, or if the watch has been off the wrist for more than 15-20 hours, the initiation process must be repeated. 

If you are wearing your watch everyday but it still running too fast or too slow, there are some simple steps you can take to regulate your watch. Take the watch off at night and place according to the below:

  1. If your watch is running slow: lay it flat with the dial up.
  2. If your watch is running fast: lay the watch vertically with the crown downwards.
  3. If your watch is running to fast: lay the watch vertically with the crown up.

If your watch is still running fast or slow by a large margin the most likely cause is that the mainspring may have gotten itself caught. To get it freed up try this: Place the watch on your palm with the crystal down and slap the watch into your palm. If this freed up the mainspring it should keep good time. 

We hope you have found this guide helpful, enjoy your MHD automatic Watch.